Field of Activity

Savacap specializes in providing the following services: Get investment trusts; Investment consulting; Corporate finance consulting.

Vision - Mission

Savacap birth oriented Golden Star Company Group became a leading fund manager in Vietnam's financial market.

About Us

JSC Investment Fund Management Gold Star (called Savacap - Company of Golden Star Group), is rated as one of the fund management company operate efficiently and dynamic financial market Vietnam Male.

Why Choose Us

The customer is at the heart
Savacap always studying, understanding customer needs, diversification of services provided, improve operational efficiency, customer-centric and orientation of all activities
Professional Activity
Savacap constantly reinforce the quality and professionalism of the workforce; committed to creating a dynamic working environment
Investment security - effective
With the motto of risk management, towards long-term development and stability "act cautiously, aware of the trade-off between risks and opportunities for the benefit of customers"

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